The Cherry Blossom Swings, Alnwick Gardens

A prestigious project, APES was contacted by Ward Robinson - a well-established, highly experienced team of interior designers and project managers delivering bespoke projects for over 25 years - to develop a design for 50 swings in the Duchess of Alnwick’s Cherry Orchard at Alnwick Gardens.

The design process led to development of double swing benches, ideal for relaxing and “picnicking” for young and old alike, and catering for the more family-orientated. The swings were carefully and strategically placed in line with the rows of cherry blossoms, so that they disappear at certain angles and don’t detract from the orchard, which is the largest outside Japan. We also think this could be one of the world’s largest collections of swing seats – but we’re hedging our bets!

APES was ideally suited to this project, as all work needed to be done by hand due to the nature of the terrain and the sensitivity of the trees’ underplanting and root-protection zones. The swings were made using BT-grade telegraph poles, and the seats were constructed from locally sourced English oak.

Photo credit: © Kristen Mcluskie Photography

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