“The planning and consultation were excellent and the originality of the structures that we have ended up with is amazing. The staff and most importantly the children love having them in the playground”
John Parr, Head Teacher, Sunnyhill Primary School

Sunnyhill Primary School, London Borough of Lambeth

A series of consultations took place with Sunnyhill Primary School to develop ideas for new structures in both its main playground (which was devoid of play equipment) and the children’s centre area.

The kids helped design a spider web structure and really wanted a boat. We were lucky to find the beautiful Mayflower, a vessel that is 80 to 100 years old, in the Hollow Shore Boat Yard in Haversham, Kent.

The site also benefits from a double-decker red bus, a swing/hammock structure, an oversized dolls’ house, a small den, a climbing structure with slide, a large closeable sand pit and (of course) a piano. Over time APES also helped to develop an allotment area for the children.

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