The Markfield Project, London Borough of Haringey

Markfield is a charity in Haringey that promotes the inclusion of disabled people and their families. It and APES developed a symbiotic relationship: in an area of social deprivation, the company developed a beautiful outdoor play space while temporarily housed by the charity. The playground boasts a boat on springs, a large tango swing, an eight-sided swing, a border swing, an accessible slide, a recycled slide made from a water drainage pipe, a sensory garden with musical features, plus a network of ramps and a quartet of towers. This inclusive, largely accessible structure also recycles other play equipment. The redeveloped play area, opened in 2009, is located near the Markfield Beam Engine Museum, which exhibits a working Victorian pumping engine. Thanks to the partnership, local children, disabled and non-disabled, have the ideal space to let off steam.

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