“We were extremely happy with the outcome of this project and it wouldn’t have happened without APES. Its innovation, creativity and ‘can-do’ attitude ensured the project took place without a hitch. We were able to provide our client with an exceptional standard of product due to the contribution from APES”
Lucy Wilman, Bugle Communications

Waitrose Slide, Bugle Communications

In December 2012, APES was approached by Bugle Communications, which was looking to develop a fun and innovative PR promotion for Waitrose that would help clear away the January blues. It came up with the idea of a slide that commuters could use on the way to work, which APES designed and built from scratch.

The slide, which was put up and taken down overnight, was in place for four days, during which time more than 4,000 people travelled down it.

The slide, one of the fastest APES has ever built, is now installed at Somerford Grove Adventure Playground in Haringey, where it is much loved (though slightly feared) by local children. Here is a short video of the slide's installation at Somerford Grove.

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