South Oxford Adventure Playground, Oxfordshire

The playground at SOAP had never featured climbing or challenging play equipment and was a large open green space ripe for enhancement. Working with Anthony Stiff Associates, we managed to build in height and even more on-site space via designs based on consultations with local children.

The main structure was built from locally sourced oak and timber poles. We incorporated the existing football goal into the green base of a hump-backed bridge and clad it with natural timber. A treehouse (made from reclaimed cable reels) and low-level balancing equipment were installed. The children loved the site so much that SOAP’s user numbers doubled that summer.

APES staff camped out on-site for several weeks to complete the build and were well looked after by locals, who were incredibly hospitable.

In November 2012 the site was unanimously awarded the community category of the Oxford Preservation Trust Award.

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