Kilburn Grange Adventure Playground, London Borough of Camden

APES was commissioned by Erect Architecture and subcontracted by Kier Wallace to work on this landmark project. The site won the coveted Royal Institute of British Architects Award and shows APES’ ability to turn exciting and adventurous concepts into built environments. See: Architecture Today, E Architect and Parkour Generations for additional information

The design called for a lot of old doors and windows, a theme repeated throughout the structure. These were all donated and collected over several months.

The playground is unique as it serves as a play area for the building and adventure playground staff, but also serves as an open and unstaffed public park. The structures are built from renewable treated timber, woven willow, hazel branches and natural English oak (responsibly sourced from the Forestry Commission). The structure includes several treehouses, a nest area, walkways, a slide and a swing. The 1.5m accessible swing was handwoven by the talented Emily Hiller.

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