Harts Hill Adventure Playground, Luton Borough Council

A collaborative design project with MOH Design, APES was subcontracted by SSG Landscape Architects to help build this flagship playground during an incredibly wet period of British weather. The children were keen to go as high as they could: now at the top of the tower it is possible to see the aeroplanes landing on the other side of Luton.
The structure includes one very high tower with multiple access points, fireman’s poles, bridges, a piano and an eight-sided swing structure (nestled underneath the tower itself). We planted trees, leaving a framework behind for children to build their own treehouses, which they have now done very successfully. The site is currently under the management of Children’s Links and recently its staff and volunteers benefited from our rope work course. They are now making hammocks and scramble nets, and local children have further adapted the structure, raising it to create a BMX track that weaves around the site.

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