“The equipment is exciting and has great play value for the children. Our less able users are able to experience the slides and find a freedom in them. They are very popular: when new children attend, it's the first thing they want to try.” Evergreen Play Association

Evergreen Play Association, London Borough of Hackney

This free open-access playground was named Playground of the Year by London Play in 2005. In 2010 we were asked to redesign its two plywood towers, which were in a state of disrepair and too narrow for children to get into, let alone play in. We refashioned them as towers for slides, reclad them with timber, created a number of new entrances/exits and commissioned tailor-built slides from Eibe Play. This served to increase their internal playable space and meant they were more accessible for users. Autumn Mist was kindly donated to us for installation at the playground by Corin from Springfield Marina. We spent a week stripping out and clearing its engine, made it safe, adding nets and new entrances. Autumn Mist was inaugurated by the children that summer, and they had a great time painting and decorating her.

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