Dexter Adventure Playground, London Borough of Lambeth

Those of you who are familiar with the sector know that Dexter Adventure Playground lacked safe play structures for nearly a decade, so this was a commission close to our hearts. The final design by Erect Architecture was that of a house hit by an earthquake with a collapsing floor. The idea came from a former APES design for a house on the site (traditionally the playground featured house-like structures). The structure includes a periscope, a wobbly house, multiple levels, monkey hoops and a high and challenging zip-line. There is a water collection tank that children can use to turn the slide into a water slide, and no APES playground would be complete without the trademark piano. The playground also benefits from a quiet garden area, a swing and a long-jump sandpit. APES also renewed some aspects of the building on-site and reclad it, building a new canopy to extend its outdoor use.

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